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Beautiful getting woman inhalation sedation at dental clinic
Sedation Dentistry
Dentist talking to her patient after putting inhalation sedation face mask on her

Worry-free Dentistry

Conscious sedation is a method dentists use in order to alleviate patients’ anxiety, pain, and discomfort and relax them during lengthy or more difficult procedures. Dental procedures like a root canal, routine cleaning, and front tooth filling, which can cause panic or excessive fear among some patients. 

During the procedure, the patient remains conscious and responds to instruction, and has intact protective reflexes, but the patient’s mood is altered, and they are better fit to respond to the treatment psychologically.

Oral Conscious Sedation

It is fairly common among patients to be nervous or anxious about getting their dental work done. We are able to offer you the comfort of sedation dentistry - a worry free experience you can feel good about. The best pharmacological techniques to alleviate such fear include conscious sedation techniques using nitrous oxide, intravenous sedation, general anesthesia, and intranasal sedation. Using nitrous oxide is among the techniques with the highest success rate.

Sedation dentistry can be useful to dentists treating small children who cannot control their fear, or people suffering from conditions like Parkinson’s disease. 

The most common sedation dentistry procedure involves administering nitrous oxide to a patient prior to any dental work. The patient inhales the nitrous oxide and quickly feels the effect of calming down. The recovery period is short and the effect doesn't last after the dental work is done. 


young man

The best dentist that I have ever visited. In the first place, she is a kind person. She explained every step clearly. She never rushed and gave me some rest time between treatments.

I am also super satisfied with her work.

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Doctor Farsi is amazing and very professional. She is very polite, and works carefully, quickly and efficiently. She always ready to answer all questions. I trust this doctor because she cares about her patients.

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Dr. Farsi is such a kind professional. Went to her for regular dental checkup and masseter Botox. She explained everything well and constantly checks in to make sure you're comfortable. I appreciate her calm approach and would recommend her to anyone.

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