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Wisdom Teeth Removal
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Wisdom Teeth 

Wisdom teeth or third molars tend to erupt into the mouth in the late teens or the early twenties. They are technically called ‘the third molars’ because they appear after the second molars have appeared in the mouth.

Wisdom teeth that grow vertically and are aligned properly don't need an extraction. However, wisdom teeth have been known to grow diagonally and horizontally, thus causing problems including crowding, damage to the adjacent second molars. 

Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

At Orchid Dental, we can take diagnostic images (x-rays) to assess what is going on underneath the gums and to help determine if the wisdom teeth need to be extracted. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause sudden (acute) problems, or ongoing (chronic) problems. Removing the teeth even before any symptoms occur can prevent or reduce future problems including:

  • Gum infection 

  • Chronic gum (periodontal) disease 

  • Tooth decay 

  • Crowding 

  • Poor position 

  • Cysts and tumors 


young man

The best dentist that I have ever visited. In the first place, she is a kind person. She explained every step clearly. She never rushed and gave me some rest time between treatments.

I am also super satisfied with her work.

young man

Doctor Farsi is amazing and very professional. She is very polite, and works carefully, quickly and efficiently. She always ready to answer all questions. I trust this doctor because she cares about her patients.

young man

Dr. Farsi is such a kind professional. Went to her for regular dental checkup and masseter Botox. She explained everything well and constantly checks in to make sure you're comfortable. I appreciate her calm approach and would recommend her to anyone.

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